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Ain't Got No Gal Now by Phil Baxter and His Orchestra from the album: Jazz The World Forgot Vol. 2


Phil Baxter and His Orchestra - Ain’t Got No Gal Now


The Last Supper, Frida Kahlo, 1920


The Last SupperFrida Kahlo, 1920

How Come You Do Me Like You Do? by Original Memphis Five from the album: The Encyclopedia Of Jazz. Classic Jazz. Volume 025


Original Memphis Five - How Come You Do Me Like You Do?

The "jass" one-step by Jaudas' Society Orchestra from the album: Edison Blue Amberol: 3228


Jaudas’ Society Orchestra - The “Jass” One-Step (1917)


when all your friends are online at the same time


*bangs Viper on my iphone speakers whilst sitting @ the back row @ church*
viper is my preacher flippin dope is my religon..

ive never done crack while listening to viper the closest ive gotten is smoking glass but i dont do either of those anymore so i guess its too late

if you describe yourself as a “riot grrrl” you probably also thing “the vagina monologues” is an appropriate title for a feminist performance

tfw fuked up off some weed and percs and trying not to make it obvious to ur rommate